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I love you Tom

2007-08-07 16:03:01 by Smashedsmurf

Front page? Hell yeah! I was actually surprised we got Daily Second. And the front page was awesome too. The collab was fun making, and I'm glad I was a part of it. And now we have the second one, which will hopefully be much better. We got new people on board such as Slipz and Anzio. And we're keeping some of our better guys such as DaveBot, Link etc. The fps finally got bumped to 33 so we should have a bunch of better animations now. =3


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2007-08-07 18:00:09

masdness neourosisisisisisiissisiisisissii FART.


2007-08-07 20:43:01

I really disliked that collab, to be honest.


2007-08-16 15:01:54


Smashedsmurf responds:

Hay there


2007-08-17 14:18:54

Hay Smashed

Smashedsmurf responds:

You just want a response! Well I'm not going to give you one! ... Shit!


2007-08-25 02:12:43

congrats! an award at 13 is enviable.

Smashedsmurf responds:

Hay Luis! Thanks! I hope that wasn't sarcasm.


2007-08-27 20:13:50

I love you too perry.


2007-08-30 02:14:38

fuck you