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Fuck yeah Halo!

2007-09-25 21:49:51 by Smashedsmurf

Sony Fans can go die, Halo is where it's at. This game is amazing no matter what anyone says. I don't get why Sony fans have to say it's a bad game. It's not. It's amazing. Campaign - Awesome Multiplayer - Awesome Forge - Awesome Theater - Awesome. The game is like a party in my pants!


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2007-09-25 22:10:50

Halo hells yea! I still like sony 2 tho. It sux i have a ps2 but not a 360. Hope u injoy 3!

Smashedsmurf responds:

I'm not saying I don't like Sony, I really do. I just hate fanboys.


2007-09-26 00:26:10

Dude pm me! ADD ME ON LIVE

Smashedsmurf responds:

Fuck yes!


2007-09-26 00:54:53

yeah, halo 3's gonna rock. BTW, where did you get the picture?

Smashedsmurf responds:

The one of the Chief? I made that in Flash 4srs.


2007-09-26 01:01:35

Yeah, no shit dude. As soon as Killzone 2 comes out MC is gonna kill the chairman of Sony with the quickness........gravity hammer......can't....stand the.....AWESOMENESS!!!!


2007-09-26 05:27:53

im guessing that leaves out us nintendo fans, since i am a nintendo fan and i think halo is highly overrrated and that its just another FPS game. lol

Smashedsmurf responds:

I love Nintendo too. I don't hate Sony. I just hate Fanboys.


2007-09-26 05:48:25

never playd this game(sneaking away quaitly)

Smashedsmurf responds:

Don't worry about it.


2007-10-14 19:18:33

i dont want to die, im a fan of both...that means ."i've got the best of both worlds...umm something somthing somthing ...

Smashedsmurf responds:

I mean SonyFanBoys, The guys that'll kill for Sony.


2007-11-22 12:41:48

what about nintendo?


2007-11-23 16:43:45

halo 3 rocked :D


2007-11-23 22:56:40



2007-12-19 17:44:25

Halo sucks.
Wii rocks.

I played the Wii for months and months when my friend let me borrow it over the summer.
Wii > Halo


2007-12-23 04:33:57

O hai Smurf.


2008-03-02 23:16:45

lol madness sifer pole